Heenim & his Kitties

Heebum is Heechul’s beautiful Russian Blue:

He was given to Heechul by some fans in November of 2006.

Here’s an early picture:


Originally, Heebum was named after Heenim and Kibum, Heechul’s housemates at the time. When Hankyung, also living with Heechul, heard this, he wanted to be included too. So the name extended to become “Han Heebum.” Then a member of Trax & friend of Heechul’s wanted to be included too, so it became “Han J Heebum.” They think sounds like a Japanese name…   But he’s just Heebum for short.



They say that pets tend to look like their owners.

Don’t you think Heebum looks like Heechul?


One of Heechul’s many semi-naked pictures taken with Heebum & posted on his Cyworld.

Here’s another one:


Baby Heebum! Awwww… Look at those big eyes.


And now…

Heechul has another kitty!

Meet Champaign:

Champaign in Korean is spelled 샴페인. He is named 샴 (pronounced shyam) for being a Siamese cat and 페인 (disabled in Korean) because the cat is a bum who is always sleeping. Thus: 샴페인 or Champaign.

Here’s Heebum and Champaign together:


Too cute!



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5 responses to “Heenim & his Kitties

  1. Alexia

    My name is Alexia and I LOVE HEECHUL AND HEEBUM. ><
    Super junior and Hangeng FIGHTING ~

  2. winna

    soooo cute cat’s

  3. winna

    sooo cute cat’s

  4. wow, heebum is so cute
    I like it…:) o:)
    saranghae heebum <3<3<3

  5. heebum looks like the owner >.<
    the owner is cute like a cat ~~

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