How about THIS picture, Che’Carra?

Blushing any?




And did you know Rain is going to be in another Hollywood film?

It’s called “Ninja Assassin,” written and directed by the same guys who did The Matrix and V for Vendetta. Rain is starring as Raizo, “one of the world’s deadliest assassins.”

Can you BELIEVE this is a picture of Rain?


He worked out like CRAZY for this one. Apparently he lost 25 lbs. for the movie.


This is a preview of a documentary about Rain that will be airing Oct. 10th.


[His comeback after 2 years]

[Suddenly back in public!]

I feel it was upgraded

[The scene of recording his 5th album]

[The Korean star selected by Hollywood]

[An exclusive release!]

[The scene of shooting Ninja Assassin]

(I THINK he says “I’m gonna kill myself, ya know?”)

This is Ninja Assassin. *mumble-something* (I’m the main role?) Finally, I make it.”  (Subtitle says: “I finally made the lead role”)

[Shot across 6 countries]

[Closely studied for 5 months]

(?) “You said tomorrow, like a dr-mumble. Like a dr-mumble…” *smiles cutely*

[It’s raining]



Hehehe… Cute Bi.


And just for kicks:





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6 responses to “Rainism

  1. violyn

    rain bi caem

  2. hi…rain my name putri nand how are you???

  3. hi…rain my name putri and how are you???

  4. Ninja Assasin is cheey in my opinion, the action sequence could have been much better ‘

    • MrCKDexter

      I never saw it, actually. All that blood and guts is not for me. – Although the gore action lovers I know said it’s the best ninja movie ever made.

      To each his own, I suppose.

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