More “Winter” on the Way

A new Japanese anime version of Winter Sonata is on it’s way!

“Winter Sonata; The Animation” should be released sometime early next year. The original lead actors, Bae Yong Jun (recent winner of the Culture Medal) and Choi Ji Woo, will be rivive their old characters and voice them once again for their avid Japanese fans.

The trailer:

Do not underestimate the power of the Sonata. Since it’s airing in 2002, half of Asia has been wild for this drama and it has become a leader in “Hallyu” or the ” Korean Wave.”  Japanese fans have dubbed two lead actors “Yon-sama” and “Jiwoo-hime” _ high terms of respect in Japanese. There has already been a Musical version of the drama, which was a hit in both Korea and Japan.

It has a soft place in my heart for me, too: it was the first Korean drama – in fact, the first Asian tv show – that I ever saw. And I cried my little eye balls out.

Read more: Why is Winter Sonata a Big Hit in Asia?  This short essay explains it rather well, I think.




A live action feature film of Winter Sonata is in the making.

On October 8th, the CEO of Culture Cap Media announced its intention to adapt the classic tv show to film. Although casting is yet unconfirmed, the two original actors Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo will not be participating in the film.

The company stated that “We are hoping to give a refreshing new feel to the movie.”

After “Winter Sonata,” there are also plans to adapt “Autumn in My Heart,” another Korean Hallyu classic. (And by classic, I mean 2000… It’s a relatively new phenomenon…)

KBS Global News


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  1. It’s too bad the original actors, Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo will not participate in this film. In my opinion, nobody can replace them. They’re the real Winter Sonata couple (superb chemistry & great looks).

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