Haircuts: Changmin

Various haircuts that DBSK’s Max Changmin has had:

(basically an excuse to spam you with pictures of this gorgeous guy)

Here’s a typical “Changmin haircut” –

Ah, so handsome…

Changmin pretty early on –


The fluffy-spike haircut:

I always thought that one was sort of weird. Anyway-

The “swoosh” haircut:

And the “woosh” haircut:

There was a period where Changmin’s hair looked awfully mustard-like:

(He still looked amazing, of course.)

His hair started getting pretty long while in Japan:


And how can this picture not make you smile? –


He’s had some interesting ways of putting his hair up, too:

Lion Changmin! –


Here’s his current haircut, the shortest it’s ever been:



And the haircut we never want to see again:



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One response to “Haircuts: Changmin

  1. kpopluver

    I think he looks cute with every one~! 😀
    (Even though he looks really cute in the last picture… never again… -_-;)

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