I am sad to announce that my attempt to upload a subbed version of YSMM was a FAILURE.

I muddled through the tech nonsense pretty well – got the vid, got the subs, got the software – only to discover the subs of the show are incomplete. They only have the sections where DBSK is talking subbed. Too bad. It’s an outrageous episode and YaShimManMan is a pretty hilarious show in general.

If someone ever subs and uploads the whole episode, I’ll be sure to post it. Until then, here’s a collection of clips:



  • Yunho tells about his manboobs. Yes, you read that right.
  • Changmin’s infamous Videos clip. Just outrageous.
  • Yunho’s story of the hard times he went through as a child.


  • The heartbreaker. Yoochun talks about his time in America. T.T
  • Changmin’s childhood bladder problems. -_-‘
  • Yoochun’s story of a hospitaliazation. (Funny not scary)
  • Yoochun shares some very interesting stories of how DBSK coped with homesickness in Japan. And Changmin talks about his, er, body hair. This scene was not included in the original airing, so you know this one is a bit scandalous.



On a side note –

Do you remember hearing about Yunho’s sleeping habits on Come to Play? (If you didn’t, WATCH. Very funny) Well, here’s proof of their veracity:


Haha! Mouth WIDE OPEN. And if it hadn’t been for the sleeping mask, I’m sure we would see wide open eyes too!



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2 responses to “DBSK on YSMM

  1. wawoooooooo i love it thank you sooooooooooo

  2. love yunho how can i let yunho now how much i love him ?

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