DBSK Wallpaper

Just as the title says!


My first ever wallpaper:




I think it turned out pretty well. It looks like an actual photograph.

The images are taken from the 2009 Lotte Calendar:




Second ever wallpaper:


Hope it’s not too garish…

From the Lotte Duty Free Calendar:



Third ever wallpaper:


JaeJoong’s smokin’

Pretty simple, as wallpapers go… I’m working on it. Gotta get those techie skills.



Also, a signature I made a while ago:


I sort of just nabbed those images from icons someone else made…



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4 responses to “DBSK Wallpaper

  1. jingying

    Hello Rachel

    Thanks so much, yayness, I’ve changed my laptop’s wallpaper already. 😀 School’s been taking up too much time these two weeks, or I would’ve come online everyday to scout for more DBSK goodness. Gotta to this to stay healthy, heh. By the way your other wallpapers are really good too! You’ve an eye for picking the right photos to put in your wallpapers. Make more wallpapers okay gogogogo!

    Many hearts
    Jingying (purrfectionszx)

    • mrckdexter

      Wow, thank you Jingying. What a compliment~
      School takes priority, I completely understand. But thanks for taking the time to check out my video & now my blog, too!
      Share the Dong Bang love and always keep the faith!
      ❤ Rachel

  2. I luv the first wallpaper
    Junsu looks really hot in the photograph… :3

    thanks for the link!!!

  3. i would love to get some free calendars on the internet, are there are sites or company that gives one? -~”

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