Micky likes Mercy


In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Micky Yoochun said that sometime in the future, he would like to be part of a band. When asked if there was a band he would like to model after he said:

“Nationally [as in from Korea], Jaurim and an overseas band named Mercy.”






Well, Jaurim (official MySpace) is pretty well known on the K-pop scene. They’re pretty freaking amazing, so if you don’t know them, check ’em out. Their Hahaha Song was also the one that that DBSK performed in the HaHaHa Campaign (the NoKey Brothers 1  2 & 3School attack, etc.)


But Mercy…?




After some searching, I discovered Mercy was a 1960’s pop group from Florida. They’re mostly unknown or forgotten in the USA. How Micky ever came across them I’ll never know.





Here is their most well-known song (and I’ve never heard of it):

 Love (Can Make You Happy) by Mercy, 1969


You can hear similarities in that kind of style with some of the songs Micky has composed – especially the chorus of Kiss the Baby Sky:


You can hear a little bit in 사랑 안녕 사랑 Bye Love Bye, too: (I was rather impressed by this particular song of Micky’s – he wrote the lyrics, composed AND arranged the song.)



Download complete GQ interview here, courtesy of spazzes @Wordpress & those fabulous translators over at TVXQAustralia.org



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2 responses to “Micky likes Mercy

  1. echonkz

    wooow u’re great!!

    u found it???cool
    and i just knew mercy too..thx..

    hey can i take it out and re-upload this info in my blog?? [sweetfig.blogspot.com]
    thx b4^^

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