[Response] DBSK’s vocal prowess

Original DBSK’s vocal prowess

It is hardly a secret that I am a die-hard fan of DBSK. And I’m real sucker for their acapella.

But even objectively, DBSK is one of the best singing groups in Asia.

I think I can safely say that Junsu and Jaejoong are the most talented singers in DBSK. Jaejoong takes his singing seriously. His range is impressive (have you heard that high note in Tonight?). He has the most versatile voice, traveling from R&B to rock to trot with ease. He knows how to throw his voice or tone it down for the occasion.

Junsu, however, can’t claim such versatility. But when Junsu shines, he really shines. And lucky for us, that’s most of the time. I love his strength and his staying power. The bridge he sings in Love in the Ice still makes me shiver. I think something should be said for his showmanship too. He truly draws the audience into his performance with his fervent sincerity and passion. And no one can hold a note like Junsu can.

Jaejoong made his first venture into rap last year with Wrong Number and pulled it off reasonably well. I’d say he does even better in his recent cover of m-flo’s Been So Long.

There are times when Changmin really does overdo the “screaming.” (Wild Soul? Ouch.) To his defense though, I think he’s actually gotten better at singing this song. (Or maybe it’s those hot guitar riffs. Or is it just better live? Anyway it sounds good.)

I was rather surprised when Yoochun was ranked #9 best singer among Korean males. Personally… I don’t think he’s that great. When singing live he often loses control of his voice, cracking and breaking in some places. And when a singer can’t sing live, I’ve got some serious doubts about their singing ability.



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6 responses to “[Response] DBSK’s vocal prowess

  1. Sorry it took me so long to reply – I’ve been busy with school lately!

    I do agree with you that Junsu doesn’t have the versatility that Jaejoong has but can sing damn good when he wants to.

    Yoochun’s the 9th best singer? JUNSU’s the best? You obviously know I disagree.

  2. wow… i love ur blog… 🙂

    • mrckdexter

      Oh wow. Um, thank you!
      I had sort of abandoned this blog but I guess people still visit, haha! ^^
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. lynaeina

    Absolutely. Their acapellas. I was a fan because of their blending. It’s perfect. I’m a sucker for their acapellas.

  4. ChangminSaranghaeyo

    Junsu’s voice is better than Yoochun’s ! >.<

  5. clber

    About the Yoochun thing. I think he is best suited for second voice. If you will listen to Kiss Mashita Sayonara, when he sings the “naite” part, you will discover that he shines when his voice is on the background. He is also well-suited for RnB, and maybe not much of ballad. It actually depends on the genre. And the nasal or airy thing is a technique. Actually, Jaejoong’s singing voice is nasal.
    Junsu, is meant for ballad. And for ballad only, since he shines there.
    Well, Jaejoong, I admire the guy for his versatility.
    About Yoochun being not deserving on the number 9 spot. I beg to disagree. Well, I know that he sucks in dancing. HAHA.
    The thing about Yoochun is, he carries the group’s harmonization. The members have already mentioned that when Yoochun writes a song, he knows fully well the range of the member’s voice.
    And if you’ll listen to Unforgettable and My Little Princess, I think you’ll admire him there. I think he changed his voice technique. During the My Little Princess days, his voice was not of the airy, nasal type.
    And one more thing about Yoochun is, when he sings you can feel the sorrow and the happiness of the the song. There is a definite emotion on it.
    Well, DBSK’s the best vocal group in Korea, I guess. 🙂

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