Changmin Attack – gifs

(Mostly) Changmin gifs




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3 responses to “Changmin Attack – gifs

  1. shimmiri

    ok ok, before i freak u out, lemme reintro myself. so on youtube i’m “shimmiri” and im in nyc (u said u were in teh states too right? i remember you said that but…not where ^^*) n changmin’s my bias but i remember u also love CARY GRANT and had him as your icon~ (u like old movies yea? turner classic movies?? audrey hepburn plz say yes ><) i hope you remember a smidge….GDI IT YOUTUBE, WHYD YOU HAVE TO GO AND REMOVE ALL THE CHANGMINIZED VIDS D8

    ah! the other thing i wanted to do is CONGRATULATE YOU on that interview i just saw on syc with telisha~ i saw your name right under it and figured i had to find u ^^* /ends rant. *coughs* so…now that i've found this place i shall ditch yt and its stupidity and come here 😀

    • MrCKDexter


      I do remember you! (Cary Grant & Kpop fans are few and far between ^^)

      I was totally crushed when YouTube suspended me. It took me months to find and upload these vids! I’ve got a new account on YouTube – – but I haven’t uploaded anything yet. I’ve been so busy with this interview!

      Which brings me to another point – thank you, again! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. The response has been fantastic! I’m even considering a part 2, but we’ll see~

      I’m always surprised when people find my wordpress blog. I sort of abandoned it when I joined DBSKnights, lol >.<
      Are you on twitter, by any chance? That's where I've been most active these days.

  2. shimmiri

    Yes!!! YES TY GOD! haha you remember meeee! 8D

    ikr? i felt like friggin kicking it for its stupidity. your changminized vids didnt do anything- they just showed cm’s osm-ness….seems yt dun like cm’s osm-ness. but i digress *goes on and subscribes to u*

    ever since i found telisha’s twitter i was like ‘omg its that osm dancer who kicks ass…’ haha i love her n i love her even more now from how honest and genuine she sounds in that interview~ O^O *squeaks* yes, part two plz! haha but only if you’re not super busy and have time of course~

    hehe i stumbled across it, luckily for me or else id be going nuts trying to find you ever since yt… and damn, super surprised you found meh on twitter. u have fb? fb and twitter are what i frequent too~~

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