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Idols and Musicals

Lately a whole bunch of Korean “idol stars” have been venturing into the theater – for musicals.

(There will be plenty more of these, too – apparently the Korean musicals industry is expected to triple in the next couple of years. The smash success of “The Phantom of the Opera” in 2000 set the scene for musicals in Korea. “Mamma Mia!” and “Beauty and the Beast” also hit it off. And the higher-ups like them because they’re relatively cheap to produce. ) 


Kangin and Heechul of Super Junior are both currently starring in “Xanadu”


They switch off playing “Sonny,” the lead character.

Here’s Heechul singing “Don’t Walk Away”:

Haha! I always thought his singing face was sort of funny… Anyway, here’s Kangin doing his romantic scene:

Ends a little awkwardly, there… They messed up. Luckily it was only a press conference, not a real performance.


They actually had a TV show called “To Be Kangin and Heechul” (강인하고희철하게) about the boys’ preparation for the musical. The first episode was subbed by ilovekido *here. Personally, I didn’t think it was all that interesting, but in Episode Two (not subbed) there are some GREAT clips of Kangin & Heechul trying (and failing) to rollerskate.




Seungri of Big Bang was the lead in “Sonagi” –

“Sonagi” or “Rain Shower” is a musical based on the classic Korea short story written in 1959. News, clips and interview:



Dae Sung of Big Bang in “Cats” –

His character was “Rum Tum Tugger,” the “lady’s tom”  -_-   …

Interview and a few clips of him in full cat regallia, shakin’ his fur:

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