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The Incredible Junsu

Maybe he wears those bright purple shorts too?

Dedicated the lovely green Junsu on the Toki wo Tomete single.

I feel a tiny bit guilty for making him look so ridiculous.




But only a tiny bit.


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Changmin Attack – gifs

(Mostly) Changmin gifs



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Wallpaper – Min of Mystery

Had a spare couple of hours yesterday so I settled down and messed around in Photoshop for a while. I like the result!

I think I’ve learned a lot since my last wallpaper post here~

Not that my previous wallpapers were bad (on the contrary, I see this wallpaper posted around quite often), they just weren’t sophisticated.



These are inspired by 60’s era film posters –
especially spy films like James Bond.

The title “International Man of Mystery” gave me
a giggle and I hope it does for you too ^^


Thanks for stopping by!

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DBSK Wallpaper ♨

143 DBSK wallpapers for your enjoyment!

It took a long time to gather and upload them, so if you could take a moment to comment I would really appreciate it. You have no idea what a difference a single comment makes 🙂


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Have you been Changminized?

I started this series because I decided Changmin needs more air time. There should be more Changmin love in the world!

Here are some of my favorites:

Changmin expresses how delicious it is “with his whole face.”

DBSK is asked what character they would be if they were in “Boys Over Flowers.” And then Changmin says something extraordinary…

Changmin says it how it is.

Tohoshinki is doing face exercises to make their faces appear smaller. When asked whether they think it worked…

The DBSK members discuss what they want for Christmas and Changmin is as practical as ever.

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[Response] DBSK’s vocal prowess

Original DBSK’s vocal prowess

It is hardly a secret that I am a die-hard fan of DBSK. And I’m real sucker for their acapella.

But even objectively, DBSK is one of the best singing groups in Asia.

I think I can safely say that Junsu and Jaejoong are the most talented singers in DBSK. Jaejoong takes his singing seriously. His range is impressive (have you heard that high note in Tonight?). He has the most versatile voice, traveling from R&B to rock to trot with ease. He knows how to throw his voice or tone it down for the occasion.

Junsu, however, can’t claim such versatility. But when Junsu shines, he really shines. And lucky for us, that’s most of the time. I love his strength and his staying power. The bridge he sings in Love in the Ice still makes me shiver. I think something should be said for his showmanship too. He truly draws the audience into his performance with his fervent sincerity and passion. And no one can hold a note like Junsu can.

Jaejoong made his first venture into rap last year with Wrong Number and pulled it off reasonably well. I’d say he does even better in his recent cover of m-flo’s Been So Long.

There are times when Changmin really does overdo the “screaming.” (Wild Soul? Ouch.) To his defense though, I think he’s actually gotten better at singing this song. (Or maybe it’s those hot guitar riffs. Or is it just better live? Anyway it sounds good.)

I was rather surprised when Yoochun was ranked #9 best singer among Korean males. Personally… I don’t think he’s that great. When singing live he often loses control of his voice, cracking and breaking in some places. And when a singer can’t sing live, I’ve got some serious doubts about their singing ability.


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Just for Rella~

Here is your GIANT wallpaper:

1920 X 10804th-album-preview-dbsk-2270786-2112-12251

And I call it WALLPAPER because it goes on your desktop. The definition of wallpaper, right? LOL – I didn’t necessarily put any artistic touches on theses…


And for kicks, here is a wallpaper for Tails’ weird screen:TVXQ_in_Paris_France

Always keep the faith!


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