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Changmin Attack – gifs

(Mostly) Changmin gifs




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Wallpaper – Min of Mystery

Had a spare couple of hours yesterday so I settled down and messed around in Photoshop for a while. I like the result!

I think I’ve learned a lot since my last wallpaper post here~

Not that my previous wallpapers were bad (on the contrary, I see this wallpaper posted around quite often), they just weren’t sophisticated.



These are inspired by 60’s era film posters –
especially spy films like James Bond.

The title “International Man of Mystery” gave me
a giggle and I hope it does for you too ^^


Thanks for stopping by!

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DBSK Wallpaper ‚ô®

143 DBSK wallpapers for your enjoyment!

It took a long time to gather and upload them, so if you could take a moment to comment I would really appreciate it. You have no idea what a difference a single comment makes ūüôā


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Have you been Changminized?

I started this series because I decided Changmin needs more air time. There should be more Changmin love in the world!

Here are some of my favorites:

Changmin expresses how delicious it is “with his whole face.”

DBSK is asked what character they would be if they were in “Boys Over Flowers.” And then Changmin says something extraordinary…

Changmin says it how it is.

Tohoshinki is doing face exercises to make their faces appear smaller. When asked whether they think it worked…

The DBSK members discuss what they want for Christmas and Changmin is as practical as ever.

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New Wallpaper


I thought it would never come together – it took forever to get the positioning and shadow – but I really like the outcome!




From Arena 37¬į C, January 2009:¬†


arena5arena6¬†See DNBN for more…


I suppose I’ll work on it more later – adding words and other frills – but for now, I like it the way it is.





Woohoo! Gave it another shot and I like this one even better!


Will continue to work on photoshopping skillz~

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I am sad to announce that my attempt to upload a subbed version of YSMM was a FAILURE.

I muddled through the tech nonsense pretty well – got the vid, got the subs, got the software – only to discover the subs of the show are incomplete. They only have the sections where DBSK is talking subbed. Too bad. It’s an outrageous episode and YaShimManMan is a pretty hilarious show in general.

If someone ever subs and uploads the whole episode, I’ll be sure to post it. Until then, here’s a collection of clips:



  • Yunho tells about his¬†manboobs. Yes, you read that right.
  • Changmin’s infamous Videos clip. Just outrageous.
  • Yunho’s story of the hard times he went through as a child.


  • The heartbreaker. Yoochun talks about his time in America. T.T
  • Changmin’s childhood bladder problems. -_-‘
  • Yoochun’s story of a hospitaliazation. (Funny not scary)
  • Yoochun shares some very interesting stories of how DBSK coped with homesickness in Japan. And Changmin talks about his, er, body hair. This scene was not included in the original airing, so you know this one is a bit scandalous.



On a side note –

Do you remember hearing about Yunho’s sleeping habits on Come to Play? (If you didn’t, WATCH. Very funny) Well, here’s proof of their veracity:


Haha! Mouth WIDE OPEN. And if it hadn’t been for the sleeping mask, I’m sure we would see wide open¬†eyes too!


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Best O’ da Bang Boys

After posting “DBSK on TV” I began thinking about all of the boy’s old¬†shows…


I decided to make a list of all the classics here.


Star Watch 24 


MUST SEE¬† Not sure of the airing. Sometime in early¬†November 2006 – “O” era. ¬†This is one of the first times DBSK really starts to let go of their images and show more of themselves. And it’s just so funny! “Star Watch” gives¬†a peculiar sort of interview. DBSK is set loose in a hotel suite filled with little gifts and¬†are asked¬†questions that relate to the items. Chaos & hilarity ensues. Too many favorite parts to mention.


The King’s Men


From DBSK’s Rising Sun era, not sure of the exact airing. Sometime around mid-February 2006.¬†This is the first time all five of them¬†appear on a show together. The Dong Bang boys¬†try some tongue twisters,¬†flex¬†their acting¬†chops and proceed to make themselves look very silly. This is also where Junsu gets his Dolphin nickname.


The Star Show


MUST SEE¬† Aired May 26, 2008, “Purple Line” era, so not that long ago. The boys talk about their¬†troubles in Japan,¬†encounters with other celebrities and each other. Which member is most different¬†from their¬†public image?¬†Which member is most annoying? If you had a younger sister, which member would you set her up with? Yeah, you gotta see it.




The DBSK special, aired October 1, 2006 during their “O” era. The boys get competitive! Not to be missed: the handlebar game, and of course, the “Of Course” game. If you need an explanation of the games, go here.


Heroine 6


Aired October 29, 2006 – “O” era. The quality really sucks, but if you can stand the pixels, it’s well worth it. A very funny episode. I especially love the Dibidibi game at the end. If you need an explanation of the games, go here.


“Dangerous Love”


Rising Sun era. DBSK did a series of Banjun dramas (short, silly¬†dramas enacted by celebrities often with a “suprise” twist at the end). All of them are pretty fun, but the general concensus is that “Dangerous Love” is the best. It actually created a scandal between Yunho and Jaejoong. Apparently they couldn’t even look at each other for days after the filming.


There is also a YSMM (YaShimManMan)¬†episode with Yunho, Changmin & Micky that is just¬†OUTRAGEOUS – an absolute¬†must¬†– but I can’t find it anywhere! I think I may just upload it myself if you can figure out all the tech gobbledygook…¬† >.<

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